Chef Flemming: Certified Excecutive Pastry Chef

Chef Flemming at the bakery

If you were to look Chef Flemming up in the dictionary...

You would find his picture under the headings of fresh and delicious. Chef Flemming has a true love for his craft and you can taste evidence of it in every bite. As a Certified Executive Pastry Chef, he finds joy in passing on his knowledge and experience as an instructor at the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Las Vegas and on the PBS program titled “Chef’s Class”.

Born in Denmark, Chef Flemming graduated from the Danish Laug after completing an apprenticeship. Chef then continued to work in retail bakeries throughout Denmark, honing his craft. Chef Flemming immigrated to the United States and worked in bakeries around the country. During this time Chef was exposed to the Jewish traditions in pastry and bread making.

Chef Flemming finally settled in Las Vegas to work with some of the best Chef’s in the world. During his career in Las Vegas he has worked at several strip and down town hotels including the Flamingo Hilton where he got his start. Chef Flemming spent 16 years as the Executive Pastry Chef at the Golden Nugget, one of the few four star hotels in Las Vegas.

Chef Flemming donates his time and culinary talents to the Blue Star Mothers of Henderson and Boulder City, in support of our troops. Chef also likes to spend his spare time enjoying both snow skiing and competitive waterskiing.

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BAKED FROM SCRATCH: Perfecting pastries
Courtesy Article by VIEWS NEWS

Can you fry an egg in the Las Vegas heat?

It's kind of like sticking your head in an oven that is on a very, very low temperature setting. Chef Flemming Pedersen, of Chef Flemming's Bake Shop in Henderson, has been sticking his head and arms inside hot ovens for nearly 40 years. When he first moved to Las Vegas 20 years ago, the summer heat overwhelmed him. He can see where people might think walking out of an air-conditioned building into 110-degree weather feels like "sticking your head in an oven." But to bake something, he sets the oven between 250 and 425 degrees, depending on the recipe.

"If you're not used to the heat, it may feel like that," Pedersen says. "It almost takes your breath away. It's the same feeling when you stand in front of the oven."

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